You're Charged With DUI, But You May Win If The Officers Did These Things

Posted on: 8 June 2016

Were you arrested for a DUI? If so, you may feel as though the authorities who made the arrest have already won their case against you. Perhaps this was your first arrest, and you are ready to get the entire ordeal over with so that you can go on with your life. This type of haste and frustration could result in you making bad decisions such as agreeing to a plea deal. The following are some things you may have never considered about your arrest, and these things could result in your charges getting reduced or dismissed.

Improper Traffic Stop

It is possible that the officer who stopped your vehicle did not have a legal right to. The laws do not permit police officers to randomly pick and choose which vehicles to pull over; however, the slightest faulty driving can be used as a reason for a traffic stop. For example, minor circumstances such as a blown headlight or tail light bulb could be used as a reason for the stop. 

Inadequate or No Documentation

Today's technology has worked in the favor of many accused individuals. For example, officers with dashcams who fail to record their traffic stops or use them as evidence could be viewed with scrutiny. An attorney could create reasonable doubt regarding whether the field tests and arrests administered by the law officers were questionable. Some officers also fail to enter valid information in their police reports, which means that making statements later in court regarding an accused person's intoxication could be challenged. 

Insensitive or Abusive During Incident

Hostility is one type of conduct that many citizens today fear from police officers. Some officers may also be insensitive to the needs of individuals with mental delays or health issues. For example, if an officer forced you step outside your vehicle and sit on the ground despite you telling them that you were in pain, their actions could be viewed as insensitive especially if you have medical documentation. Mocking or laughing at you could create more scrutiny and red flags about the officer's behavior, and a district attorney could decide not to pursue the case against you.

A criminal lawyer like Alexander & Associates, P.C. is the best resource to use for DUI arrests. Although they may not be able to guarantee that you will not face legal ramifications, they could be able to negotiate sentencing terms on your behalf that could help you. They may also be able to study the specifics of your case and discover reasons to ask the court to dismiss your charges.