• What To Expect From Initial Hearings In A Criminal Case

    Once someone is facing formal criminal charges, the law requires initial hearings to address the matter. These have nothing to do with a possible jury trial. Instead, they are administrative proceedings intended to allow the court to protect your rights and sort some basic things out. You may find this a bit odd, so it's important to understand what to expect before going into an initial hearing. Reading of the Charges
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  • Retaining A Skilled Sex Crimes Attorney Before Your Court Appearance

    Criminal charges can greatly compromise your everyday life and reputation. However, when they are of a sexual nature, they can especially throw your life off track and leave you scrambling to regain people's trust and respect. To prove that you did not commit the offense of which you are accused, you need to prepare a solid defense to take to court. You can act in your own best interests by hiring a sex crimes attorney to represent you.
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