Retaining A Skilled Sex Crimes Attorney Before Your Court Appearance

Posted on: 18 March 2021

Criminal charges can greatly compromise your everyday life and reputation. However, when they are of a sexual nature, they can especially throw your life off track and leave you scrambling to regain people's trust and respect.

To prove that you did not commit the offense of which you are accused, you need to prepare a solid defense to take to court. You can act in your own best interests by hiring a sex crimes attorney to represent you.

Refuting the Accusations against You

To hold onto your reputation and regain people's trust in you, you need to refute the accusations that have been levied against you. If you go to court alone, you may find yourself having to put up your word against that of the accuser. If the accuser appears particularly fragile and convincing, they may garner the favor and belief of the judge and jury.

Rather than entrust your word against that of the person accusing you, you can hire a sex crimes attorney to gather hard evidence to prove that you did not commit the offense. Your lawyer can provide proof like blood and DNA samples, video surveillance, medical reports, and forensic statements showing that you did not carry out the crime and thus should not be convicted of it.

With the help of a skilled sex crimes attorney, you could beat the charges against you. You can also restore your reputation and regain your normal life. 

Bargaining Down Charges

If your sex crimes attorney cannot find solid evidence to prove your innocence, they may advise you to take a plea deal to avoid a years' long prison sentence. Your lawyer may be able to negotiate with the prosecutor and bargain down the charges to a misdemeanor or lesser felony. They may be able to convince the prosecutor to agree to a sentence of community service or completion of a sex offender program.

If you have no prior criminal record, you also may be able to have your sex crimes attorney negotiate to avoid having you register as an offender. You can keep your name off the registry and maintain or find employment, housing, and other necessities in society.

A sex crimes attorney can provide valuable services to defendants like you. They can prove gather solid proof of your innocence or bargain down charges against you. Contact a sex crimes lawyer in your area to learn more.